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Nutritional Consultant Vanessa Ascencao is a dynamic, inspirational and highly qualified nutritional consultant. She brings a fresh and revolutionary approach to health, wellness and personal growth, having spent 15 years studying, researching and working with some of the greatest minds in metaphysics, nutrition and health. She’s helped celebrities, business executives and others transform their lives through a unique mind-body approach to health and nutrition.

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  • To be honest I am more of a fan of Intelligent Living daily. Our focus should be a way of life that optimises a sense of well-being, both physical and emotional, as we are all in it for the long game right?  There are lots......

  • Why do we overcomplicate health?  I see this so much today, people are so confused and have no idea where to start in terms of feeling better, physically and emotionally. How to heal, what to eat, how to sleep, how to move, how to breathe,......

  • I have been reading the latest research in the book “The Embodied Mind” by Dr. Thomas R. Verny on human cognitive functioning that indicates that the mind is not located in the brain: our whole body carries its intelligence. We know that the human body......