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I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing one of the UK’s leading nutritional experts and author, Patrick Holford, on my Instagram Live about his most recent book, ‘The 5-Day Diet’.

This diet that literally only takes 5 days, is a process that resets, reboots and renews the body’s cells, at the same time kick starting a weight-loss diet and losing any extra kilograms.

When you read the book and start to understand the actual science behind it, you realise that the power of nutrition and food is everything and you can radically transform your health.

Patrick Holford – author of The 5-Day Diet

Benefits of The 5-Day Diet

  • Triggers autophagy, a self healing process removing damaged or distressed cells with better functioning energy-generating ones.
  • Normalises blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces cravings for both sugar and alcohol.
  • Normalises blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Kick-starts weight loss
  • Support diabetes, heart disease and arthritis
  • Has a profound anti-aging effect with the production of cells, from skin to brain cells, through autophagy

About the diet

Patrick outlines his book in three guided and understandable parts. It makes for easy reading.

Part 1 – Outlines the background and theory, why the diet works, providing scientific and researched results. Also the impact on certain diseases including autoimmune diseases.

Part 2 – Is the practical. This is your go-to area with your day-by-day of the 5 days, when and what to eat, with recipes as well as your shopping list.

Part 3 – Is the transitioning to a low-GL diet after the 5 days. Includes tips for your diet to keep yourself healthy. Foods with recipes, exercise ideas and ongoing supportive supplements.

Patrick says. “This is not a diet for life, but specifically for five days after which I recommend that you follow my low-GL, or slow-carb, way of eating.”

He recommends the 5-Day Diet four times a year for people that are healthy and people who have specific health issues that they wish to reverse, do it once a month for at least four months.

Suggested swaps

Many of the products Patrick mentions are only available in the UK where he’s based.

Note: It’s key to familiarise yourself with the principles. And then, by being adaptive, you can achieve the same results. You don’t have to be overly concerned about each and every supplement mentioned.

Organic vegetable stock: Patrick recommends Marigold Vegetable Bouillon Powder. You can substitute with a good organic vegetable stock – I use Kallo, a really good UK brand available in South Africa from Faithful to Nature and Wellness Warehouse.

Supplements: There are a number of supplements taken as part of the diet – these are the ones I take (even when not doing the diet) – all from Coyne Healthcare:

  • Berberine (before each meal)
  • Magnesium (before bed)
  • Omega 3 (2 x capsules at lunch and dinner)
  • Felix (2 x capsules in the morning)
  • Vitamin C

Zinc: You can use any zinc supplement.

Carboslow Powder, Ketofast & Get Up & Go Shake: Patrick recommends these three products from his range – unfortunately they aren’t available in South Africa, nor do we have alternatives. Don’t be overly concerned, you can still achieve the same thing with real food and the above mentioned supplements.

Ketofast in the ‘Hybrid Latte’: ‘Ketofast’ is a pure form of C8 oil, Patrick says that its the most effective MCT oil as it makes ketones faster than any other oil. C8 oil isn’t available in South Africa – it can also be substituted MCT oil – however just to note that some people experience stomach issues with MCT oil.
And – you don’t have to have the hybrid latte for breakfast – there are other options in the book.

How will you feel on the diet?

You will feel hungry – but that’s OK, you’ve got to get used to being uncomfortable and being slightly hungry.

You’ll feel slight discomfort because you’re not having the volume of food that you usually have but it’s a good sign. Feeling like your body is emptying out is really important, that you’re not digesting food the whole day, especially heavy food.

It’s an easy diet to do at home. During the 5 days I recommend light resistance training and walking. While you adapt to ketosis and with the lack of carbs and calories, you may not have the energy. If you are already in semi-ketosis, the 5 days will be much easier and you will even feel energised.

“It’s a bit like putting your car in for a service – you don’t leave it in the garage, you take it out and get on with life. The idea is that it’s a 5 day process, a repair process – not something you do for life.” says Patrick.

Are you going to give it a go? I’d love to hear how it goes…

Watch my interview with Patrick Holford



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