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Eco DietOrganic Food

Eat organic  food as much as possible, if this isn’t possible don’t sweat it, just make sure all your animal products, including chicken, meat and dairy are all hormone free. Make sure at least half your diet consists of raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, the rest coming from lean, hormone free protein sources and some wholegrain.

  • Remember natural, unprocessed food is nutrient dense – processed food is calorie dense
  • Your body looks for nutrients and not calories, so make sure you feed it correctly!
90% of your weight loss success is due to your diet, so there is no need to do endless hours of exercise. There is no need for endless hours of exercise. Your nutrition is the key to fat loss and exercise sculpts your body, the most effective being well performed resistance training. Make no mistake, cardio plays a crucial role in health and your cardiovascular system, but its efforts in terms of fat loss cardio plays a secondary role, unless you are an athlete, most of us sit at our desk all day, so diet is really what we need to focus on.

In terms of supplements and whole foods, I am a huge fan of Marcus Rohrer Spirulina©; I swear by it and believe it to be an extremely important supplement. If there is one thing you absolutely should be taking its Marcus Rohrer Spirulina©, I like research and real human clinical trials, so I always make sure with any supplement that it can really hold its own ground and do what it claims!



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