Finding contentment in a time of crisis

We’ve been living in extraordinary times and while the future may feel uncertain, something I feel certain about is that there are ways we can reclaim our happiness and carve out moments of content in our every day.

There’s no denying that even though so much feels suspended in time, so much is also in a state of flux. Changing work realities, economic instability and worrying about germ transmission (and whether we should be worrying about it or not) is affecting so many of us. So how do we keep calm and carry on?

Celebration of life and gratitude for life’s gifts is a daily practice for me regardless of what is happening around me. How I choose to think and respond is my choice. I try to be very careful to not to be consumed by drama on a daily basis. And you can too.

Reframe the now

Here’s what I do know – emotions can be mercurial, especially in times of uncertainty. But when we surrender to despair we lose our ability to feel and let in joy. When we allow our negative feelings to simply wash over us and remind ourselves that ‘this is all temporary’, we can make space for moments of happiness to wash over us too.

Whether you find your peace in morning walks or daily meditations, make rituals of daily activities and look for happiness around you – all we have is the NOW!

Focus on TRUE health

While conclusions about the current health situation change daily, I believe it is possible to take control of certain situations for yourself, especially when it comes to your health. Our emotions and thoughts are intricately related to our sense of wellbeing and really focusing on ways to address this can be so freeing.

For me, true health is much more than eating well and exercising. I define it holistically as physical, mental, and social wellbeing – read more in my post Discovering your ‘true health’ and ways to improve it.

Question everything

Be bold, brave and speak up. Be very vigilant of where your attention goes and what consumes you, and detach from main stream media.

I am even assessing the environment we currently live in, where our freedom has been compromised.

The sun will come out

We know that nothing stays the same and I for one, trust that this shift will have a profound effect on the world as we know it – the transition we’re all feeling is not easy but when we practise stillness and sit in the now, we are able to really hold the emotion and allow ourselves to really feel that times of uncertainty can bring opportunity too.

The incredible shifts and pivots that people have made in this time have confirmed what I’ve always believed – we are all capable of so much!

What are you doing today for yourself and your mental wellbeing?



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