US dieticians have placed green tea among the top 10 superfood trends for 2017, just months after South African scientists announced they had developed arguably the world’s most potent and effective green tea extract.

A survey of 1 700 US dieticians on food trends in 2017 showed that seeds, avocado and nuts are still rated the top three superfoods, followed by fermented foods (like yogurt), ancient grains (such as quinoa and wild rice), kale, and green tea at 7 th spot. The final three in the top 10 are coconut products, exotic fruits and salmon.

Superfoods are extremely nutrient rich and highly beneficial for good health. Research shows that green tea, used for centuries for its health benefits, contains potent bio-active compounds which help fight cancer and diabetes, counter inflammation and promote cardiovascular health. It also supports vitality, detoxification, mental focus, weight management and longevity.

Last year, South African scientists announced that after years of research they had developed the world’s most potent green tea extract known as Origine 8, shown to deliver powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants far more effectively than any other dried green tea extract. One Origine 8 capsule delivers the benefits of 20 to 30 cups of green tea.

A clinical study shows that revolutionary SA technology used in the processing and delivery system of Origine 8 results in an extremely dense botanical concentrate with a 15-fold greater absorption rate by the body and a greatly extended active life compared to standard, dried green tea extracts.

The survey also noted that “mindful” eating— being more conscious of eating habits – would be a trend in 2017, while it provided the following top nutritional tips:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Choose high-quality, nutrient-rich foods from all food groups
  • Limit consumption of highly processed foods
  • Instead of focusing on diets, choose foods based on a wholesome ingredient list and a high level of quality proteins and carbs.

Health and wellness expert Vanessa Ascencao said South Africans should make healthier choices in 2017 by choosing superfoods, whole foods and food high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. “Research shows that 56% of SA women and 29% of men are overweight, highlighting the need for healthier diet and lifestyle choices,” she added.

Origine 8, a breakthrough in SA healthcare, is available at leading health stores, pharmacies and Dis-Chem.

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