My Nutrition Protocol

I have had the privilege to work with some great minds in nutrition and health who have taught me so much in different ways.

They all have different views and philosophies on how to eat, what they believe works best and why. I guess with these so many different views, it is why the diet culture landscape of ours is so overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

I believe that we need to shift it all into another.

We need to focus on self-love, nourishment vs deprivation, enjoyment and not punishment.

Freedom and joy around food is what we have lost. 

There is a certain intensity even fear when it comes to eating. It puts the body into a stressed state where it then starts releasing signals that it’s in danger. This leads to eating fast, binge eating, holding onto fat etc, all states of stress.

It has more to do with your mind than any food rule, calories, macro-counting or fasting.

Ask yourself, how do you feel or what is your mental state 80% of the time?  How do you feel in your body? How do you perceive food? What is your relationship with food? 

I was recently in Lisbon, and their eating culture is about big lunches and usually out. Restaurants are packed with locals having lunch, fresh wholesome food in season, usually fish of the day with salads and vegetables, bread, cheese, espressos and some wine. If you ask for dry grilled anything or no dressing, no butter they completely ignore you usually they have no idea what you are asking…they have totally different relationship with food. There is nourishment and enjoyment of eating. They are not distracted by all the noise of social media, Whatsapp, emails, calorie counting, apps etc.

My views on nutrition have changed over the years. From being mainly plant based and never eating chicken, eggs, dairy and red meat for over 15 years, I now include animal products. 

My blood work was not improving despite taking all the iron and B12.  My gut wasn’t great, I then added fasting which I have stopped doing daily as it was affecting my cycle. 

As my life is truly full and busy and I was just adding more stress to it all. 

I now eat more animal products, less nuts and seeds as I find animal protein more satiating overall, my Iron and B12 levels are in the normal range with no supplementation and my hormones are better than ever.  I also have breakfast now so my next meal isn’t so huge because I am starving.  

It is a journey – there are different stages of life based on your current state of mind not body. How are you feeling? How much are you dealing with? It is truly unique to each person’s biochemistry. 

I believe that when we put strict, rigid structures or routines in place, they can actually do more harm than good. 

You can start to feel stressed if you don’t completely stick to your ideal day. Or, you may feel guilty for listening to your body and sleeping in a little longer and missing your morning class.Stress and guilt are far worse for your health and overall wellness. Remember that.

My Non-Negotiable’s For Food And Eating

  • I source good quality food (plant and animal) – pasture raised, organic as much as possible and free of agrochemicals if I can. 
  • I always bless my food before I eat and give gratitude for the nourishment
  • I am conscious of chewing
  • I eat what’s in season. 
  • I enjoy what I am eating
  • I don’t eat processed food I love to cook, cooking from scratch, so I make anything I want myself
  • I don’t snack as it disrupts the gut and nutrient assimilation
  • I avoid sweeteners and lab made food
  • I don’t eat if I am rushing or stressed
  • I don’t give food any mathematical/numerical value – i.e calorie counting and macro counting. 
  • I don’t eat while working or on my phone
  • I don’t use food as a treat for my daughter or reward her with food for good behaviour. I strongly believe this leads to good/bad food in kids and later you binge and eat when you are happy or sad. 

Focus on feeling healthy, creating health, nourishing and moving your body out of love for yourself, be gentle on yourself. Create the environment internally each day to achieve a state of optimal mental and physical health. 

I love this quote by Cleo Wade:

A love note to my body:

First of all, 

I want to say

 thank you

for the heart you kept beating

even when it was broken

For every answer, you gave me in my gut

For loving me back 

even when I didn’t know how to love you

For every time you recovered when I pushed you past our limits

For today,

For waking up.

With love, Vanessa xx



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