Take responsibility for your own health

How do you feel right now? Have you done anything today to invest in your health?

I can’t help noticing that many people are filling up their trolleys to feed their bodies with junk food, whilst wearing a mask and waiting for a vaccine – effectively taking zero responsibility for their own and future health. 

It’s madness!

This may seem like a harsh statement, but we are failing to acknowledge the powerful connection between what we eat, what we believe, what we think and our state of health. 

We are more powerful than we could ever imagine

We need to understand this, and live it.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are going.”

Why are we not educating people on how to truly optimise their health and believe in their exquisite, perfectly-made innate immune system?

It is so simple, yet so very complex – as we as humans are sick.  We live in a fast-paced world, and we are often forced to consume significant amounts of highly processed foods filled with chemicals that our physiology was never designed to deal with.

As a result, we are faced with a catastrophic increase in chronic diseases, infertility, metabolic disorders and less than optimal immune systems. On top of this, there has been a chronic eruption of mental illness, anxiety, panic attacks, neurodegenerative diseases, sleep disorders and systematic erosive stress. We are witnessing the most extreme collapse of human health.

Are we truly optimising our health by sanitising, wearing gloves, masks, avoiding all human contact and human connection, putting our kids in fear?

This doesn’t seem to be the foundation to human health, and I respect that we are fearful, living in unprecedented times, and doing our best with the knowledge that conventional thinking is communicating to us.

I don’t believe this is true human health or well-being. Living like this is not the long term solution to our problems.

What about the news and media, what impact is it having on our health?

I love this quote by Nora Gedgaudas:

My advice is: Don’t let fear and worry take over your life and thinking. Let go of the toxic ideation.


  • Meditate
  • Educate yourself
  • Be mindful

This will help you to reconnect your reptilian brain with your higher faculties and executive/frontal lobe brain function and put your reptilian/reactive worries and fears at the end of a short leash, where they belong. It becomes possible, and far easier, to creatively strategise when you put your “fight or flight” activated nervous system and mindset to rest.

What are the nutrition and lifestyle strategies we can adopt to support our health?

In my experience, these are the essentials:

  • Remove sugar and get metabolically healthy
  • Remove grains and all processed foods
  • Source the best quality foods
  • Don’t eat a lot, just eat nutrient-dense foods twice day
  • Get restorative, good quality sleep
  • Reach out to friends and family
  • Walk barefoot in nature if possible
  • Get some sunshine
  • Supplement:
    Optimise your Vitamin D levels
    Liposomal Vitamin C

Our birthright is perfect health, strength, zest for life, vitality and clear mental states – we are resilient, adaptive and designed for human connection.

Our future is in our hands, we have the ability to safeguard our birthright, our freedoms and liberties through simple, natural measures, logical common sense and mutual respect for our genetic heritage and the powerful human spirit.

I don’t have all the answers, but I feel it is my duty is to communicate honestly and ethically and provide tools that can empower you to live fully, healthy and happy

Vanessa xx



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