The future of nutrition is personal

Trust your gut. Research is showing that it IS all about you.

I have long been a believer that a healthy gut is key to positive physical and mental wellbeing. But new evidence suggests that the link between what we eat and the health of our gut is not as direct as it first seemed, and that what’s good for you may not be as good for me.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach

Just as your fingerprints are unique, so, it turns out, is the health of your gut. An increasing number of studies by leading universities indicate that foods with similar nutritional profiles have very different effects on gut health.

So while dietary choices affect an individual’s microbiome, there is no direct relationship between a food profile and a response. For example, beans may improve the proportion of certain bacteria in one person, but have a lesser impact on another. In other words, the future of nutrition is set to become increasingly personalised based on an individual’s gut profile.

3 steps to personalising your nutrition

Step 1: Get the basics right

Even though nutritional experts are suggesting that the future is highly personal, it is still important to promote an environment for positive gut health by doing the following:

  • Eat whole natural foods.
  • Skip sugar-heavy meals that are nutrient deficient.
  • Avoid processed food.
  • Boost gut health with foods such as garlic, kale, bone broth and curcumin.
  • Eat healthy fats such as raw nuts and seeds, avos, pure olive oil and fatty sustainable fish.
  • Lead a positive lifestyle.
  • Get regular quality sleep.
  • Manage stress through exercise and meditation.

Eat whole foods

Step 2: Get a helping hand

Work with a functional medicine practitioner to determine your individual biochemistry. Together you can look at your lifestyle choices and establish the state of your gut’s health. The initial investment may be a push for many people, but if you are wanting to invest in your health, it’s a very powerful tool that will set you up for life.

Step 3: Diet and Supplementation

Your healthcare practitioner will help you establish a healthy, balanced diet to help meet your objectives, and also recommend high quality supplements. My top supplements for gut health are:

  • CURCUMIN has been used to treat digestive issues for thousands of years, and has antimicrobial and medicinal properties. I have researched many curcumin products worldwide, and in my view BCM95 is the best in the world, as it’s the most clinically researched and has the highest absorption rate. Try locally available Bio-Curcumin BCM95.
  • BERBERINE is an alkaloid present in a number of plants. Of its many benefits, berberine supports gut health, helps reduce the damaging effects of inflammation on the intestinal lining. Bio-Berberine Advanced is further enhanced with Origine 8, a potent green tea extract that helps to fight disease and counters sugar cravings, which are known to throw intestinal health off-kilter.
  • GLUTATHIONE is the foundation for gut and immune health. Studies show it plays an important role in reducing intestinal inflammation and keeping gut barriers intact. Biomax Glutathione is produced using revolutionary liposomal technology, which means that more glutathione gets where it’s needed in your body’s cells.

Curcumin health supplement

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