Transform Your Body in 10 days

Transform your body in 10 daysThis is when you need to get into shape quickly, do it for 10 days maximum)

Breakfast: ½ cup cooked rolled organic plain Oats (not instant) or ¼ cup Quinoa with cinnamon and berries (blueberries) (no milk or sugar)
Or/ 1 whole paw paw with lemon juice.
DONT FORGET YOUR SPIRULINA: 10 – ultimate supplement for energy and in detox!

Mid-morning snack: 10 almonds (raw unsalted)

Lunch: Veggie and protein green salad: Precooked vegetables as many as you want, including eggplant, peppers, onions, green beans, asparagus and zucchini; 120g grilled chicken or fish; and ½ of an avocado.

Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken with loads of green vegetables and a raw salad with veggies and 1 tsp olive oil.


  • You are allowed one black coffee a day no sugar
  • Herbal teas especially green Tea
  • Water with lemon juice

Dairy and fizzy drinks will make you bloat and give you an extended tummy, drink herbal teas and water mainly. Be creative, add some lemon or chill your water and squeeze the juice of a fresh orange or lime. It’s so delicious!

Supplement regime

  • Marcus Rohrer Spirulina (x 10 a day)
  • Magnesium (before bed x 4)
  •  B-Complex (x2 a day after breakfast)
  •  Omega 3 fish oil capsules (4 a day)

Why Marcus Rohrer Spirulina?
1 serving of Spirulina is equivalent to 1kg of vegetables in terms of nutritional value! (Nasa Research)
Spirulina: is considered the healthiest food on Earth. It contains the most beneficial combination of powerful nutrients and has amazing healing properties.

Spirulina provides you with:

polysacharides copper vitamin C
chlorophyl blood purifier manganese vitamin D
phycocyanin (blue pigment – inhibits cancer) phosphorus vitamin E
irons (easier absorbed than iron supplements) sodium carotenoids
rare essential fatty acids (GLA, omega-3 EFA, DHA) zinc magnesium
B complex vitamins (the highest source os B12) calcium chromium
beta carotene (10 times more concentrated than in carrots) provitamin A enzymes
vegetable protein selenium sulfolipids
carbohydrates potassium glycolipids


Spirulina can protect cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It also contains a number of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and E, beta carotene, manganese, copper, zinc, chromium, iron and selenium. These antioxidants boost immune function and can help prevent some types of cancer.

Spirulina contains a lot of vegetable protein. A single dose of spirulina is made up of more than 60% protein; that makes it higher in protein than chicken, fish or beef. Spirulina’s vegetable protein is easier to digest than animal protein, and since it’s a water soluble protein, it doesn’t contribute to weight gain.

Follow the menu as it is laid out, you may alternate the your breakfasts, but your lunch and dinner should remain pretty similar, alternating between fresh fish or free range chicken and lots of green vegetables and raw salads. Really fill up on these nutritious foods.

What to Avoid:

  • Fried foods
  • Foods loaded with gravies or heavy sauces
  • Sugary treats disguised as healthy foods (granola bars, “snack mix,” breakfast bars, etc.)
  • Cokes, colas, drinks that pack a whopping 200 calories per serving
  • White bread sandwiches
  • Mayonnaise, oil, butter, margarine

What to Look for:

  • Baked or grilled meats
  • Whole wheat bread or brown rice as a side
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Low-fat snack-size servings that are low in sugar (Read the labels! You can’t assume it is healthy even if the word “healthy” appears on the label)
  • Low-sodium alternatives
  • Olive oil and flax seed oil

Transform your body in 10 days

My tips to get you through the 10 days:

  1. Never mix a protein and starch, so if you eat fish or chicken then avoid rice, potatoes or bread. Starch with vegetables and fish with vegetables.
  2. Leave at least 4 hours between meals
  3. One type of fruit at a time, avoid fruit salads this causes bloating.
  4. All food must be prepared fresh, nothing pre-packaged.
  5. If it doesn’t have a mother or doesn’t grow you can’t eat it
  6. Always use cold pressed olive oil
  7. Keep your evening meal light
  8. Have a treat 1x a week, but a meal and not a DAY.
  9. Reduce your salt intake and focus on fresh herbs to season your food.
  10. Buy organic or free range milk and any other animal products
  11. Use parsley a lot, it’s a blood purifier and helps eliminate water.
  12. Vegetable juices are amazing, try have at least 1 a day
  13. Snack on raw unsalted nuts or seeds with fruit.




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