Vanessa’s tips for Winter

Does winter get you down and out? …Not this year!

As the temperature drops and the dark days descend upon us, the winter months can affect us all emotionally and physically…but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are my tips to for a supercharged healthy winter….!

  • Do you feel run down?
  • Do you get the common cold and flu every winter?
  • Do you put on weight and crave comfort foods? – don’t forget the fat clothes that are in your winter closet, do they come out?
  • Do your activity levels decrease
  • Do you feel depressed and anti social?
  • This year it’s time to lose the thermals and get off the couch!

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is showing it’s face again as the days become shorter and people are being exposed to less sunlight. Research shows that 25 million people suffer from the disorder with the majority of them being women.
The lack of sunlight means a result in less serotonin, the mood enhancing chemical responsible for controlling hunger and feelings of well being. When serotonin levels are low people often experience feelings of depression, change in appetite, shift in sleep patterns, irritability and so on. Serotonin levels are lowest in winter, as the amount we produce is linked to how much sun we’re exposed to. Some people are prone to low serotonin anyway, and a lack of light can tip them into depression. But there’s another reason, and that is lack of vitamin D. This mood-boosting vitamin relies on sunlight on the skin. So, how do you get more winter light? One way is to spend more time outdoors. And if you combine exercise with sunlight exposure, that’s all the better.

How to boost immunity & serotonin levels:

Give some love:
Researchers have confirmed that joy and laughter trigger the release of chemicals in the brain that enhance your immune function, protecting you from invading germs. Start by stroking your pet for an immune-boost. A study from Wilkes University found that stroking a dog for 18 minutes caused a significant increase in secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA), your body’s natural antibody against colds and flu. No pet? Don’t fret! Many recent studies have found that simply touching a loved one affectionately — giving them a shoulder rub, for instance — causes a similar benefit, and also helps lower the levels of stress hormones that interfere with white blood cell function.

Supercharge your system with Spirulina!
There is nothing like it! Medical studies show Spirulina stimulates immunity which helps fight colds and flu.Marcus Rohrer Spirulina is a powerful tonic for the immune system and may help prevent colds and flu this winter.

Medical studies have found that Spirulina not only stimulates the immune system, it actually enhances the body’s ability to generate new blood cells which fight bacteria and protect your body.

So, prepare your body for winter by supporting your immune system with Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®, a powerful, tried and tested 100% natural multi-nutrient, backed by scientific research.

According to Richard Kozlenko D.P.M., Ph.D., M.P.H., and Ronald H. Henson, writing in the Healthy & Natural Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5: “Feeding studies show that even small amounts of Spirulina build up both the humoral and cellular arms of the immune system. Spirulina accelerates production of the humoral system (antibodies and cytokines), allowing it to better protect against invading germs.”

The cellular immune system includes T-cells, macrophages, B-cells and the anti-cancer natural killer cells. These cells circulate in the blood and are especially rich in organs like the liver, spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, adenoids, tonsils and bone marrow.
Spirulina is approved in Russia as a “medicine food” for treating radiation sickness because it is rich in phycocyanin which scientists have found stimulates blood production.

Apart from its immune boosting properties, Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®, is also used to boost energy and stamina and help detox the body. It is quite simply the most powerful multi-nutrient nature has to offer.

Your R&R time! Make time for you!
Studies show that your immune system function drops by an average of 60% after just three nights of poor sleep, so be sure your are getting plenty of quality rest, at least eight hours each night. Carve out some time in your schedule for relaxation and control stress with meditation, and exercise.
In Chinese medicine, winter is believed to be connected to the kidneys which are involved which adrenal function (energy) and water. When the days get shorter so should yours, so ensure that you get adequate sleep. Winter is a time to rest your adrenal glands, detox, conserve energy perhaps introducing meditation and do gentle exercise such as walking. Eat your evening meal as early as possible and ensure that is isn’t too heavy.

Out and about! Get Moving!
Physical activity is essential for a strong, healthy immune system; find a fun activity that gets your heart pumping three to five times a week. I love training in the winter – first thing in the morning, nothing beats the feeling! Try it, go to gym or a brisk walk in the cold, its invigorating!
This is a sure way to get your mood elevated. The weather may leave you wanting to stay inside and hibernate and if this is the case you can still find ways to move your body. Turn the radio on or put on your favorite music and dance
Diet Check! To ensure you get plenty of immune-boosting nutrients, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat what you can raw, and lightly steam the rest. Avoid frying anything as this introduces harmful free radicals that increase your toxic load.
You want to make sure that you avoid raising blood sugar levels constantly because this will have you crashing throughout the day. Foods to avoid are: white flour, white sugar, processed foods, coffee, etc.  Eat whole foods, whole grains, fruits and veggies which all promote serotonin levels and make sure to eat enough protein. Sugar is not good news at the best of times, but studies show that it can actually depress immune activity, so avoid any forms if you are fighting an infection. Also avoid refined grains (which quickly digest down to sugar and contain few nutrients), instead opting for wholegrains (oats, rye bread, brown rice etc). Don’t cheer yourself up with carbs.
Watch that you don’t gain extra pounds due to overeating the wrong foods. Comfort foods in moderation are fine, but in winter it is tempting to over indulge. Don’t turn into a couch potato just because the temperature drops a few degrees.
LAUGH!!! Watch a funny movie. Go out with a friend that always knows how to put you in a good mood. Take a warm bubble bath with a scented candle, dive into a good book. There are so many things you can do to lift your spirits, don’t let the weather get you down!

The fit fighting immune diet
The ideal immune-boosting diet is, in essence, no different from the ideal diet for anyone. Since immune cells are produced rapidly during an infection, sufficient protein is essential. Eating the right kinds of fats is important too. Diets high in saturated or hydrogenated fat suppress immunity and clog up the system, while essential fats – found in oily fish, nuts and seeds – boost immune function.

Here are six easy tips you start now!

  • Avoid sugar, it can suppress the immune system!
  • Load up on fruit and veg – aim for different colours and get creative!
  • Have a clove or two of garlic a day –Eat sufficient protein – aim for lean (preferably) organic meat, fish, game, quinoa (a South American grain), eggs, pulses combined with grains, dairy foods or tofu.
  • Add some ginger and garlic to your food! These are naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial.
  • Don’t forget to take spirulina, it contains Vit D too and is scientifically proven to have immune boosting properties

Every day can be a good day



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