Why do we feel the need to villainise ageing?

Why have we villainised ageing? Why have we made it so daunting? Why do we hide our age and do some crazy things in the quest for youthfulness?

These are questions I often ask.

Sadly, we are conditioned by comparisons to others around us, which creates fear and insecurity about how we feel about ourselves, that perhaps we are not good enough, and this is where it starts.

We then define ourselves by our weight, what our skin is doing, by our age or how we look overall.

Reimagine what is beautiful

I have been fortunate enough to work with some incredible humans in the field of integrated medicine and wellness. I am grateful for having learnt so much and to see what potential we have, beyond the physical, but my perspective isn’t often a popular opinion.

It takes a shift and some work to be aligned with your full potential, and to realise that beauty does not = youth.

We are a vibration of energy that we express in our physicality. That energy is what people experience when they first meet you:

  • Confidence
  • Wellbeing
  • Inner peace

For me, the underlying foundation of all of this is wellness, and knowing that we are multi-faceted beings and that we have imperfections.

After half a lifetime practicing and hoping to make myself perfect, I do feel that the greatest thing I’ve learned is to let go of any set rigidity — no matter how righteous it may seem.

Treat your skin like a garden

Our skin is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood organs of the body. It is like the soil in a garden, the garden being your body.

If you look at soil it has its own ecosystem and second to your largest population, your gut, these intricate ecosystems nurture your skin into its reality. You need different nutrients and practices that work naturally with these systems to create the best “soil”.

Beauty has become the most lucrative industry in today’s age. When you look at the current cosmetic industry, we spend a crazy amount of money and energy on cosmetics that bury our skin in a vast array of synthetic chemicals known to disrupt hormone signaling, damage our immunity and even put us at the risk of cancer and other diseases.

We choke our microbiome and its biodiversity by cleansing and stripping, exfoliating etc

We wash our face and use lotions (layers of it) with (on average) over 160 highly toxic chemicals chemicals a week.

We apply often not-so-clean sunscreens.

Isn’t it ludicrous when you think about it?

Feed your natural beauty

I strongly believe in the power of fruits, vegetables, pure water, fresh air, rest, sunshine, trust and medicinal herbs to heal, alkalize and rejuvenate the vital life forces within each cell of the human body for health, beauty and radiance.

Start by adding in a few good things to your day and life

  • Take a gentle walk in nature
  • Get some sunshine daily
  • Get fresh air
  • Manage stress and let go of what no longer serves you
  • Drink lemon water before breakfast
  • Eat more organic fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Have early nights and no blue light before bed
  • Wear natural fibres
  • Leave your skin make-up free as often as you can
  • Make sure your eliminatory organs (skin, liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs) are working daily
  • Use synthetic-free home and body products, I only wear essential oils as my perfume
  • Avoid refined (white, denatured) foods and sugar
  • Avoid heated oils internally and externally. My food and face oils are always cold pressed and organic.
  • Avoid anything that has a number in the ingredient list or that I can’t pronounce.
  • Avoid things packaged in plastic as much as possible. I like to stay away from any packaged foods generally.

When it comes to nutrition, the nutrient density of a meal is much higher when the food is prepared from scratch using raw, organic or homegrown ingredients. I like to buy bulk produce from local farmers markets, organic, unprocessed, and health food stores. Always be prepared to adapt any kind of diet for your health and buy the best quality supplements for your needs and objectives.⁠

Finally, we wear our lives and our souls on our face. Before you put makeup on, find the beauty in your face and challenge yourself to find the beauty in yourself today.

Be in love with yourself, be graceful and at peace. This is where true beauty radiates. There is nothing more beautiful than life, its ebbs and flows, its challenges, its imperfections, its heart wrenching moments.

Take a deep breath in this moment, let go of the concept of beauty and redefine it with love. A legacy we can carry to our children so that they too can understand beauty and ageing beyond it being skin deep.



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