A fresh take on depression

Depression is a big topic right now and understandably so. A current estimate places close to 400 million people from all over the world suffering from a form of depression.

Peter Crone, AKA The Mind Architect, specialises in revealing the limiting beliefs that shape our behaviour, physical and mental health. In my opinion, Peter is at the forefront of dealing with the human psyche, which is why I often use his work as my point of reference.

Over a series of 3 videos, he recently shared a new approach to depression, which blew my mind away. It also made me stop and think. Here is the low down on his new take:

Explaining ego vs soul

Peter says that we all have a relationship with ourselves. There is our ego and our soul. The ego is the hardwire that controls our thoughts and behaviour. It is our narrative. While the soul is the essence of who we are, which is fundamentally pure freedom, pure light and pure love.  

When the ego’s narrative puts constraints or limits in place, it suppresses our soul. 

For example, if you say to yourself, “I’m a loser, failure, I’m bad, not wanted and not loved.” These are conversations that belong to the ego and when this becomes your narrative of limited beliefs – it dulls the space for the soul to be free and to shine. 

Depression by ego

As Peter explains, the verb for depression is ‘depress’, to push down, to suppress, to dull and to lower energy frequency. When you have an internal dialogue that is contrary to who you actually are, you create a feeling of depression caused by the misidentification by your ego. Essentially you are being depressed by your ego’s lies. 

Fighting the ego

So how can one break free from an overbearing ego?

What is interesting to understand, is that often these constraints arise from how we were raised. Our experiences as children become part of our subconscious and form ‘primal’ limitations. I love how Peter highlights that he doesn’t see these as ‘problems’ but rather as a matter of perspective. 

He says that bringing awareness to these limitations and breaking the subconscious blindspot – whether through self-work or talking to others – will unveil the soul and allow it to shine. 

This is the same for the future self.

As humans, we strive for health, happiness and wealth. We chase that ‘one day when we have it ‘all figured out’. But that battle is exhausting. We are being pulled by the ego when the soul is calling for the present. Feelings of worthlessness, apathy and resignation arise as one tries to keep up with the ego’s story.

In order to break free from depression, we have to shatter the illusion that we are not where we’re meant to be or where we want to be. Peter says we are always where we are. 

Helping yourself and others

I love this quote from Peter, “The world needs less experts, it needs more role models”. He explains that the power is within us to take care of ourselves and guide those around us. 

Throughout our lives, we have role models: our parents, coaches, teachers or business people who we mimic and aspire to be. In the world of physics, there is energy that we exude and when we generate a higher frequency of something – others will want to see and meet that frequency.

If we show love, compassion, understanding, vitality and joy, there is osmosis that others feed on and journey with you, creating a happier and healthier version of you. 

In summary

Peter’s new take on depression is that it is caused by the ego’s suppression of the soul through the narrative it creates, either by the subconscious, or the expectation of the future. Your soul is your pure essence of freedom, light and love which should be allowed to shine every day. 

I believe that your relationship with yourself is the most important investment you can make: feed your mind and soul with great thoughts and treat your body with love and kindness. 

There are many things we can do on a daily basis to ignite vitality and the energy for happiness to help beat the ego. 

Start your journey today. Read my blog on ‘9 essentials to health and happiness’ which covers:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Grounding
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude practices
  • Connecting
  • Sleep
  • Sunshine

For more on Peter Crone and his ‘From Depression to Freedom and Joy’ workshops, visit his website www.petercrone.com.



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