Feature Saltwater Girl June 2013

20 May Feature Saltwater Girl June 2013

While you’re at college or university you will learn a lot in class and a whole lot more out of class! Some things will come from a book or lecturer and others will come from experience. Tertiary education and school teaches us so much, and so do our friends and family. Be open to both and challenge yourself as you adjust to your new independence, but most importantly- invest in your health all the way! I completely relate to student life (I was there once) – high stress, hormones, little sleep, change and endless hours of assignments, laundry, budgets, junk food and boy issues. But apart from the grown-up stuff, it is also so much fun, a great journey into getting to know yourself, learning about other people, and reaching your full potential on so many levels. So here’s a quick guide on how to keep healthy during this crazy time.



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