Flu-Proof Your Winter

By now you should be boosting your immune system to get through winter flu free. The body’s immune system is affected by many variables such as nourishment, sleep, stress levels, relationships and other health conditions. The one variable we can always control is what you eat. There are certain foods that when accompanied by a healthy balanced eating plan, can keep your immune system functioning strongly and decrease your risk of catching a common cold or flu. Plus as it gets colder you start feeling run down and lethargic, but if you keep your body supported with all the right vitamins and nutrients, you can keep your immune system fighting strong to ward off illness.

Green Tea Parties

You hear it so much these days; how good green tea is for you and how you should drink it often. Well that’s because Green Tea is a potent anti-oxidant which is key to keeping your body strong as it fights off the free radicals we find in our everyday environment (pollution, pesticides etc). On top of this, Green Tea supports the growth of “good” intestinal bacteria, while stopping the ‘bad’, namely e-coli, clostridium and salmonella that can wreak havoc on the digestive system.

Get Superhero Immunity with Superfoods

Spirulina is a great source of antiviral compound that will fight against colds and flu. Spirulina contains support nutrients for the immune system: protein, zinc, selenium and B vitamins. Studies have shown that Spirulina supplementation can boost the immune system by increasing immune cell activity.

Spice Up Your World

Adding a little spice goes a Long way in keeping your immune system strong! Not
only do they add great flavour to any meal, they also have strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial propertieswhich means they’re great at fighting off the odd bug.

Drink Up

Stay hydrated in winter by making an effort to get your two litres each day. A glass of water might be the Last thing you feel like on an icy winter’s day, but it’s actually one of the best things for you! Even though you’re not sweating like in summer, your body needs plenty of fluids to keep your
body hydrated. And when you have a cold or flu, increase your water intake to around 10 glasses a day to help make up for lost fluids, speeding up your recovery.

Go Green!

Bacteria and viruses thrive in acidic environments, so keeping your body in a healthy alkaline state is the best way to fight off illnesses. Add more dark leafy greens such as rocket, spinach, watercress, basil and parsley to your diet to alkalize your body- and get a great balance of vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients which will enhance the body’s immune system.

Get your ZZZZZZZ

When you’re stressed and tired, your immune system weakens- so along with feeling run down, it’s easier to get sick. During rest and sleep, the body naturally restores and recuperates itself, so allow yourself to recover and fight illness by getting your 7-9 hours sleep each night. If you’re particularly stressed, Look for ways you can let yourself unwind. Yoga, Pilates and meditation are all good ways to let your mind and body to chill out.

Work Up A Sweat

It’s easy to start feeling tired and lethargic in the colder months. Go for a walk, take a yoga class or find exercises you can
do indoors to make sure you keep your body active! Getting your body moving will help to boost your energy, lift your spirits and support your immune system, keeping you feeling bright, healthy and Lively. Working up a sweat also gives your body a chance to release stored toxins through the skin.
An Orange a Day Choosing foods rich in vitamin C can help boost your immunity. Vitamin C also enhances the strength of immunity. Add some citrus fruits, melons, kiwi fruit, berries, red peppers, parsley and broccoli to your meal plan to get a good dose of this wonder-nutrient.

Let the Sea Help

Try seaweed for an extra immunity boost- it contains strong health-promoting
compounds. There are several different varieties you can experiment with, like Non i (available at Woolies). It’s great to add to salads or even to make your own sushi hand roll with some avocado and raw veggies.

Sip Soup

Soup is a great way to get some warm winter comfort, without Loading heaps of extra calories into your diet plan. And, if you use Lots of vegetables, it can be a great immunity-boost giving you an easy way to get in a big variety of vitamins and minerals. Choose healthy recipes to create a delicious and nutrient-dense soup, full of as many colourful vegetables as possible. This is also a great opportunity to throw in all your immunity-boosting herbs and spices.



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