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The American psychologist Louise L. Hay says that all the diseases that we are created by us and that we are 100% responsible for everything bad that happens in our body.

Whenever we are sick, we need to find out whom need to forgive. Grief, sadness, anger and revenge are feelings that came from a place where there was no forgiveness and to forgive dissolves resentment.

Below, you”ll meet a list of some diseases and their probable causes, prepared by Dr. Hay…




Diseases / Causes:

Tonsillitis: repressed emotions, stifled creativity.

ANOREXIA: Hate yourself.

Appendicitis: Fear of Life.

Arteriosclerosis: Resistance. Refusing to see good.

ARTHRITIS: Review stored for a long time.

ASTHMA: Feeling restrained, repressed tears.

Bronchitis: Family inflamed. Whoops, discussions.

CANCER: Grief deep sorrow kept for long.

CHOLESTEROL: Fear of accepting joy.

RELEASE: Resistance. Rejection for life.

DIABETES: deep sadness.

DIARRHEA: Fear, denial, escape.

HEADACHE: Self-criticism, lack of self-worth.

Knee pain: fear of resume, afraid to move on.

MIGRAINE: Suppressed anger. Person perfectionist.

Fibroids: Food wounds caused by the partner (a).

Frigidity: Fear. Denial of pleasure.

Gastritis: deep uncertainty. Feeling of doom.

Hemorrhoids: Fear of deadlines. Rage of the past.
HEPATITIS: Anger, hatred. Resistance to change.

INSOMNIA: Fear, guilt.

Labyrinthitis: Fear of not being in control.

MENINGITIS: Uproar inside. Lack of support.

NODES: Resentment, frustration. Bruised ego.

SKIN (ACNE): Individuality threatened. Do not accept yourself.

PNEUMONIA: Despair. Weariness of life.

HIGH PRESSURE: lasting emotional problem not solved.

LOW PRESSURE: Lack of love as a child .. Defeatism.

CONSTIPATION: Attached to the past. Fear of not having enough money.

LUNGS: Fear of absorbing life.

Quist: Food hurt. False evolution.

COLDS: Confusion, disorder, grief.

RHEUMATISM: Feeling victim .. Lack of love. Bitterness.

ALLERGIC RHINITIS: emotional congestion. Belief in pursuit.

KIDNEYS: fear of criticism or failure.

Sinusitis: Irritation to the next person.

THYROID: Humiliation.

TUMORS: Food hurts .. . Accumulating remorse.

ULCERS: Fear of not being good enough.

VARICOSE VEINS: Discouragement. Feeling overwhelmed.

So let’s take care of our feelings, especially those who hide from ourselves.

Remedies indicated: Self-esteem, forgiveness, love.



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