Why sugar is a drug for your kids

20 Feb Why sugar is a drug for your kids

Mommy Matters focuses on that which is important to you as a mom and everything that affects your kids. We know it is easy to give your kids sweets and spoil them with nice treats but according to a top South African nutritionist – SUGAR IS A DRUG!

Sugar is so highly addictive, devoid of nutrients and detrimental to the nation’s health that it should be classified as a Class A drug, according to a top SA nutritionist.

Vanessa Ascencao says science has proven that sugar is taking a devastating toll on our health and is so highly addictive that the language used to describe its effects, such as “sugar highs”, “sugar crashes” and “sugar cravings” mimic the descriptions of the effects of drugs.

Ascencao, nutritional consultant to business and individuals, was responding to a report that the department of health is considering a “sugar tax” to encourage South Africans to consume less (see here: http://www.bdlive.co.za/national/health/2014/02/05/state-ponders-sugar-tax-to-fight-cancer).

Take a listen to her advice. Firstly I wanted to know from her why sugar is so bad for our kids, why it is so difficult to reduce our sugar intake and why we as parents should not use sugar and sweets as treats to reward our kids and what are the alternatives to rewarding them with sweets? Lastly: What is the link between sugar and diabetes and other ailments and what should we as parents do to set a better example for our kids when it comes to our eating habits?

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And visit this link for Vanessa’s Eco Diet: http://www.ecodiet.co.za/

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