What is true wellness?

What does optimum health mean to you?

We often think of the latest longevity eating plan, health hacks, new supplements and even self-induced stress techniques to prolong our life span. 

It is a difficult area to navigate as everyone these days is an expert or is believed to have found the elixir of vitality and youth, and the answer to ultimate health. 

Even in conventional medicine, when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness your doctor or specialist will treat the symptoms, only look at one aspect, often failing to check how you are doing in all areas of your life, work and relationships. 

When last did you go to a specialist with a chronic illness and they asked you:

How are your stress levels?

How are your relationships?

How’s your general emotional state?

Your work?

I have come to realise that these aspects of our wellness are everything and yet they are the most neglected in allopathic medicine (science-based modern medicine).

Everything plays a role in your physical, mental and emotional health and cannot be separated. The mind-body connection plays an integral role and yet Western medicine separates this.

You need to ask the questions, why is there such a rise in chronic illness? Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression and so many others? With all our knowledge, our advancements in medicine, why do we face this reality? 

Perhaps we have distanced ourselves so far from creating the environment for healing. 

The things that are considered normal today in society, are not at all normal from the point of view of human life and human needs.

All the dis-eases and mental illnesses are normal responses to abnormal situations. Disease is a sign of some dysfunction in our environment/culture.

In some traditional cultures when someone gets sick the whole community gathers around and thanks the person, as one person’s healing is everyone’s healing. 

Unity of the mind and body is a scientific fact. This has been proven and researched extensively in all prestigious and credible medical publications. Emotions play a large if not the primary cause in chronic illness, whether body or mind.

If you had to think of a health program, it would be to shift your brain from negativity to positivity, first.

To create habits, build new neural pathways and new ways of being in a positive way. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined and what is real, this is why I am a big devotee of Joe Dispenza and his amazing work in this field. I highly recommend his resources, especially his books.  

Our physical health is essentially the lowest hanging fruit – which is why we focus so much on it rather than on our emotional states. 

Our life begins to change when we change our energy, our thoughts and perceptions. Your biology is regulated by your beliefs. 

I believe we are entering a time or even have entered a time where humans have evolved. From homosapiens, the wise, rule and law making, knowledgeable man to homo luminous beings, in our lifetime. A phase of shifting perception, dreaming of new and transformational worlds. We can take control over the input of surrounding information, choosing to exercise as we wish to.  

These are some principles I believe to be powerful in bringing about a healthy space for you to grow, thrive, illuminate positivity and be healthy:

  • Gratitude and prayer: This is everything, it will change your life, in whatever form resonates with you this is my number one tool.
  • Be of service: Give of yourself. Be more present with your family and loved one’s.
  • Stop comparing yourself/your life to everyone else: The one way to feel like you are not enough is to scroll and compare.
  • Eat and move to nourish and not deprive or punish: Show yourself some love
  • Allow yourself to feel anger, anxiety, sadness and stress: Don’t subscribe to society’s rules. Give yourself space to journal, cry, or talk through your feelings with someone you trust. Once you have identified your feelings, you’ll be able to walk through them in your life a lot easier.
  • Take responsibility for your life, don’t live in shame, blame and regret. 

Health is an ever-evolving journey, a beautiful one with all its challenges. Letting go of being toxically perfect and know again that there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for any aspect of wellness.



  • Louisa Lang
    Posted at 08:04h, 28 March

    Baie dankie VDA, dit is insiggewend.

    Die een ding waarmee ek sukkel is om negatiewe emosie te allokeer.

    Vir my help dit nie om iemand ye besoek en net te praat en te praat nie. Ek het terugvoering nodig en oor hoe waar wat en vorentoe en die vryheid om oor dit te herkou, te dink en weer te dink en dan my eie bealuit ye neem.

    • Suzanne Allderman
      Posted at 14:59h, 28 March

      Thank you for the feedback, we all have what works best for us and what resonates with us. xx