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21 Jun Why I recommend NO snacking

I am a big advocate of meals, and not snacks. Why?  In order to turn off your hunger hormones, you need to eat a nutrient-dense meal (protein, good fats and vegetables) that will keep you feeling full and satiated for the next 5-6 hours. Little snacks...

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21 Jan My hormone-loving grocery list

The word nourish originates from nūtrīre, a Latin verb that means ‘to feed’ or ‘to care’ and words like nurture, nutrition, nurse and nutritious all stem from the same verb. When we seek to nourish our body with the right food, we care for it to...

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27 Nov Cortisol – the good and the bad

I have learned to recognise the signals my body gives me when my stress levels start to rise. A technique I use to combat these feelings is to ask myself, “Am I under threat?”. It’s a mindful “check-in” to help balance the cortisol in my...

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